Our Process

Working with OTM Homes

When you choose to work with OTM Homes you can feel rest assured that you will be treated like family. Our commitment to providing the best customer experience is the back bone in all we do. From the first meeting to years down the road we are here for our clients. Check out our building process to find out why building with OTM Homes is a great experience. Welcome to the family!

As they say in the world of real estate…location, location, location. At On The Mark Residential, we are constantly looking for new lots by being active in the city of Saskatoon and the surrounding communities like Warman and Martensville. Saskatoon is a booming community and with growing neighborhoods in Evergreen, Aspen Ridge, Rosewood, Holmwood Sector and Kensington, we do our best to offer the most attractive lots available. There are a number of factors that come into play when choosing a lot for your new home whether it’s in the city or out in the country. With the construction boom, the cost of land has risen and it definitely plays a role in the decision. You also have to consider the architectural guidelines, street location, and the direction of the lot, its size and the shape. Our team will do everything we can to provide the resources necessary for you to make the right choice.

At OTM, it all starts with a “Discovery Meeting”. It is crucial that before we are able to make your dreams a reality, we get to know you and what you are looking for in a home and a lifestyle – think of it as our first date. We want to know everything about you and your family (yes we move fast). What type of home? How big is your family? What are your big 3 wants/needs? What is your preferred location? The more we know…the better. You can dream big in this discovery session, really big!. We will take time to share our story with you and introduce all the facets of our business. This is all about the experience and at OTM, we make home building fun!. We send you home with a “wish list” and whenever you are ready, you return that wish list to us. Finding out your needs and wants allows us to find the right lot and the right plan for you. We will guide you through the process and look for features that fit your lifestyle and your budget. Choosing someone to build your home is not to be taken lightly. It is most likely going to be the largest investment of your lifetime. At OTM Residential we know how important it is to get it perfect. When you choose to become a member of the OTM family you can rest easy knowing we will build your home so you remain part of our family for life.

At OTM Residential we do things different than the rest. Our focus is “true” custom home designs that give the homeowner full control of all aspects of the home design. We find that this approach ensures that your new home is styled for the specific tastes of you and your family. As custom homebuilders in Saskatoon, On The Mark Residential designs and develops homes with a unique combination of exterior visual appeal and interior flair. To compliment our style, our homes always feature high quality construction, excellent functionality and happy homeowners. Once we have determined the plan and your budget, we draft up an offer and allow you time to secure the financing. We will take a $5000 deposit from you once the financing is secured which will allow us to get the ball rolling with the construction of your new home.

The first step is getting your house plans developed, finalized and off to the city for a building permit. Once we have approval and the permit is ready to go, the site is then staked out and the land is prepared for construction. Excavation is done and the footings are formed and poured. The foundation walls are erected, the weeping tiles are installed and the framing begins. As the framing progresses, you will see the layout of your home unfold, and you’ll be able to identify different rooms, doorways, and windows. It’s really exciting to watch it all come together early on in the process. At this time, we ask to meet with you and begin the selection process for flooring, cabinets, lighting and much more!

This is the really fun part of building a home as at OTM Residential, it’s all about the experience. We set up a day that works best for you to make all the selections for your home. You will be picked up in a sleek limousine and together, we will travel around Saskatoon to pick out all the flooring, cabinets, and lighting. The selection process can be overwhelming but we make it special and do everything we can to eliminate that stress and make it enjoyable. We end the day with a meal at your favorite restaurant as it gives us time to debrief and relax! To prepare you beforehand, OTM will carefully pre-select different options given what we learned in our discovery meeting. Keep in mind this is only a guidance tool to help you stay on budget and make sure you pick the proper product with no surprises and no time wasted. All decor selections are then ordered and uploaded into our custom-designed hometracker software, which gives you 24-7 online access to review your selections, retrieve all client documents and browse pictures of your new home as it progresses.

Once we have the frame of your home built and ready to go, it’s time for the interior and exterior work. Over the next several months, you will be able to track the entire process using our custom software right from your computer, tablet or mobile device. You will be able to view pictures, change orders, timelines, and even communicate directly with us right through the application. We collaborate with you from start to finish which allows us to create the best possible product for you. This phase is the longest in the building process but once it’s complete, you are not far away from moving in!

Once all the construction is complete, we perform some final touches and get your entire home professionally cleaned from top to bottom. We will then schedule our “Pre-Occupancy” appointment. At this time, we will go through the entire home and show you the finished product. We will make note of all deficiencies to get resolved before your keys are handed over. We take this time to give you a full tutorial of your home and it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions. You are part of the OTM family for life so once you are moved into your new home, do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns.

 We’re extremely confident you’ll love your new OTM home, but we’re always available if you have any questions or concerns. Over the next year, you are covered with Progressive New Home Warranty along with our own Welcome Home Warranty Program. We will schedule appointments with you at 30 days, 180 days and at your one year anniversary in order to ensure your home is everything you dreamed of from the start! You will be given a complete “Welcome Home Package” that will include everything from your legal documents and contracts to your surveyors certificate, operation manuals, and tips and tricks in caring for your new home.