High Performance Homes

OTM Homes is excited to partner with BONE Structure to bring the next level of home building design to Saskatchewan. Home building techniques have remained stagnant for many years. BONE Structure has revolutionized the process and techniques of building High Performance Homes inspired by the aerospace industry. BONE Structure allows your home to be built smarter, faster and more precise.

BONE Performance

Solid and Healthy Structures – Our 11 gauge galvanized steel is made to last. Every project is carefully designed to withstand local snow loads, seismic loads and heavy winds. Steel is impervious to mold, rot and termite damage. Therefore, protecting your health and your investment.

Precision Beyond Measure – What you design get built or should we say easily assembled – with very few tools, sounds like a Swedish furniture assembly, doesn’t it. No cutting, no piercing, no welding on our job sites. It is that simple. Every detail is transmitted, with zero loss, from the computerized drawing board to the assembled finished product. The final building is not a best interpretation¬†of your design. It is your design. True and plumb.